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Acura ILX のパティキュレート フィルターを交換する時期は?

The particle filter is a fairly new technology that is designed to remove harmful particles from the exhaust gases of modern diesels. It has long been seen as the miracle solution to these pollution problems. However, it doesn’t work as well as expected and causes more problems than it resolves, which is why we will see in this article when changing the particulate filter of a Acura ILX? . To achieve this, to begin with, we will identify what the particle filter on your motor vehicle is intended for, and then when to replace the particle filter on your Acura ILX.

What’s the purpose of a Acura ILX’s particulate filter?

So we commence our content page with the rationale to do this element not too long ago included into diesel automobiles. As we mentioned briefly in the introduction, the purpose of this filter was to solve the problems of pollution and harmfulness of exhaust gases from Acura ILX automobiles. Its working concept is to store exhaust gases that are unburned or that still contain harmful particles, and when it is at a sufficiently high temperature to cause a second combustion that will finish burning and get rid of all these carcinogenic particles. Sadly, to reach this very high engine temperature, you have to be on the highway or have your Acura ILX engine revving up. So we have discovered over time that cars that are principally on short trips or in the city do not allow the particulate filter to burn these gases and we will discover in the next section that these problems can force you to replace the particulate filter of your Acura ILX .

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When to replace the particulate filter of a Acura ILX?

In this section we will identify what you are clearly attracted to here, if it is required to replace the particulate filter of a Acura ILX and if so, when?

Is it required to replace the particulate filter on Acura ILX?

There are 2 types of particulate filter for cars, a particulate filter with additive, which does not matter the Acura ILX, but which needs to be recharged every 120, 000km with an additive that enables the regeneration of the particulate filter and therefore to burn all those harmful soot. The second one, the one we are enthusiastic about in this article, works with precious metals that will generate a chemical reaction at high temperature and cause the regeneration of the filter and the evacuation of the carcinogenic materials. However, as described above, it needs very high temperatures, if these are not reached the filter will clog. If the filter is not regenerated manually, drive at high speed for about 20 minutes to reach this temperature and thus regenerate your filter, you 詰まり、ターボ、EGR バルブ、またはエンジンを損傷する危険があります。 If you need to clean the EGR valve of your Acura ILX due to your particulate filter, do not hesitate to check out our article on this subject to identify what the procedure is.

When to replace the particulate filter of a Acura ILX?

先ほど明らかにしたように、粒子フィルターは車両の寿命を延ばすように設計されていますが、疑問に思う人もいるかもしれません。 when it is required to replace the particulate filter of its Acura ILX? Take note that this component is extremely expensive, labor is not the main problem because it is easy to access. But the component itself will vary enormously in price based on your motorization, you can still count a range between 700 and 2000€. This replace should just be considered in the circumstance of a completely clogged particle filter. If you don’t frequently take the motorway, we recommend you, 毎月、高速道路を少なくとも 10 rpm で 3000 分間運転する . In spite of everything, the current particulate filter have not been well designed and remain troublesome, it is considered that due to the lack of a sufficiently frequent temperature rise and other design problems, you should begin planning to XX をより都市で使用している場合は 200 km から粒子フィルターを交換し、混合している場合はもう少し交換してください。 .

アキュラ ILX の燃料は?

Acura ILX に関するその他のヒントについては、Acura ILX のカテゴリをご覧ください。

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