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ロードハンドリングの問題 Audi Q7

In this article we are going to examine a issue that may prove to be unsafe. If you detect any handling or grip problems on your Audi Q7 , it is important that you drive cautiously and manage it quickly. Our team has posted this content to help you fix them. First, we’ll quickly check out the main elements that ensure effective road handling, then we’ll check out why your Audi Q7 doesn’t hold the road any more, and at last we’ll check out how to fix your grip complications.

What are the main elements that ensure good road holding and handling on a Audi Q7?

We commence this content page by quickly explaining the most important elements that will guarantee good road holding for your Audi Q7. It’s important to know that a vehicle’s grip is a science in itself. It will as a result be based upon many elements, we will show you below the most important ones that can be affected:

  • Shock absorbers: The most important elements of your road handling, they perpetually guarantee the contact between the wheels and the road. They absorb all shocks and holes on the road.
  • Tyres: They are the ones that will guarantee the grip of your Audi Q7 on the road, the softer they are, the more grip you have, but the faster they get damaged, the harder they are, the less grip you have, but the more resistant they are. Temperature impacts their wear. Their size will as well play on grip, the wider they are the more contact with the ground will be significant.
  • 重心:車が高くなればなるほど、コーナーでの傾きが大きくなり、その結果ハンドリングが失われます。そのため、背の低いスポーツカーは非常に高い 4×4 よりもグリップが良くなります。
  • Wheel Alignment: This adjustment allows you to control the vertical angle of your car’s wheels, it is consequently necessary for the grip of your car and the wear of your tires. This adjustment is very particular and must be accomplished by professionals.
運転中に死ぬアウディ Q7 - Авто Выкуп


There are many other elements to take into account such as wheelbase, ground clearance, chassis rigidity, weight and aerodynamics…

Why is my Audi Q7 having complications with my car’s handling or grip?

最も興味のある部分に進みます。 why my Audi Q7 has handling complications? As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of elements to take into account for your car to have a good grip, however there are few that can evolve over time, most of them are intrinsic to the construction of the car, we will find out right away those that can affect your handling and road, and, why:

  • As we described earlier, the rubber of the tyres has a crucial purpose in the good road holding of your car, if your tyres are dead, you may have 濡れた路面での路面保持の合併症 乾いた道でも最初と「コード」に到達したとき。
  • デッドショックアブソーバー: If your shock absorbers are dead, your car will no longer have the ability to absorb the irregularities of the road effectively and it will tend to “float”, which will end result in a bad distribution of the masses on the vehicle and shift the centre of gravity of the vehicle. You risk slipping in the bends.
  • ズレによるリスク is that your ground contact area is reduced as a result of a too open or too closed wheel angle, you will have grip complications.
  • ステアリングの問題: Last but not least, the last necessary part for good road handling is that all the elements of your steering must be in good condition. The most classic case is that your stabilizer bar or the silent blocks of your steering triangles are dead. The consequence will be a delay in your changes of direction.
ぐったりモードに入るアウディ Q7 - Авто Выкуп

How do you fix the handling complications?

次に、さまざまなソリューションに進みます resolve your road holding complications on your Audi Q7 .

  • Tyres: Nothing could be easier, just replace your tyres, remember to verify them cautiously and replace them when you get to the visual indicator in the grooves of your tyres. It is generally necessary to count between 100 and 200 euros for a pair of tires.
  • Shock absorbers: Ditto, dead shock absorbers have to be changed, if you want to know when to change the shock absorbers of a Audi Q7, please have a check out our content page on this theme. The price can vary a lot, but you will have to count at least 400€
  • ホイールの位置合わせ: ガレージ エリアに行って解決してもらう必要がありますが、費用は 100 ユーロ未満ですか?
  • Steering: If you have complications with the handling on Audi Q7 as a result of your steering, there may be some elements concerned, in such a case you will have to make a complete check-up of these elements, the best is to call a professional.

アウディ Q7 についてさらに質問がある場合は、いつでもアウディ Q7 カテゴリを参照してください。

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