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Audi R8 のインジェクターから漏れています。どうすればよいですか?

In the event you are informed of unusual symptoms on your vehicle, you are right to be preoccupied, because a car represents a huge annual budget and unexpected malfunctions don’t reduce the expenses. So what if you sense that you have a leaking injector on your Audi R8? You most likely figured it out thanks to black/oily drips along your engine unit, or a disturbed idle, or unconventional black smoke. These three symptoms are the main symptoms of a leaking injector. As this problem can bring on more critical engine concerns on your car, we thought we would prepare this content page to help you verify the failure of a leaking injector and treat it properly. To accomplish this, we will first look at the circumstance of gasoline injectors and then at those of diesel injectors Audi R8.

Leaking injector on my petrol Audi R8

It is vital to know that the injectors on petrol and diesel engines are different, the reality is, the difference in combustion between these two kind of engines makes the injection different. The essential difference lies in the pressure undergone by the injectors, on a petrol engine it will vary between 3.5 bars for indirect injection and 120 bars for indirect injection.

Leaking injector on a petrol Audi R8: The different leaks

それは言われるべきです injector leaks on a Audi R8 equipped with a petrol engine are pretty infrequent. This is because of the much lower pressure in the petrol intake systems. Even so, there are two kind of leaks:

  • インジェクター上部からの漏れ:

    It is plausible that you have a leak from the top of the injector, this is the part that is attached to the fuel rail, an O-ring will be involved in this.

  • 下部のリークインジェクター:

    At last, you may encounter a leak coming from the lower portion of the injector of your car, this one will occur from the junction with the engine and not with the rail as seen before.

Leaking injector on my diesel Audi R8

火花燃焼を行うガソリンエンジンとは異なり、ディーゼルエンジンは圧縮で作動します。 この燃焼システムは、インジェクターと同様に、エンジン内に非常に高い圧力を発生させます。 これらのモデルでは、圧力は自動車のガソリン エンジンの直接噴射の 10 倍以上になり、1800 ~ 2000 バールに達します。

Leaking injector on diesel Audi R8: The different leaks

の状況では leaking diesel injectors on your Audi R8、XNUMX種類のリークがあります。

  • インジェクター入口からの漏れ:

    このような場合、長期的に変形するのはインレット パイプであり、通常、漏れはクランプ ポイントにあります。

  • インジェクターの戻り漏れ:

    As its name reveals, this leakage relates to the management of the fuel return in the injector, this time the injector that leaks on your Audi R8 will be brought on by an O-ring or its plastic tip that leaks.

  • インジェクターベースリーク:

    このインジェクションリークは最も厄介なものの XNUMX つで、エンジンとインジェクターノーズの接合部の銅製シールで漏れるため、エアノイズと圧縮損失を感じるはずです。

  • If after examining you have oil leaking but it does not come from your injectors, we suggest you to read this content page on the existence of oil leaking on your Audi R8.

Leaking injector on my Audi R8, how to fix the leak

最後に 車の漏れたインジェクターを修正する方法. Regularly a leak is associated, as we have seen prior to this, to a worn seal as a result of the pressures endured. But think that the pressure in the circuit is tremendous, specifically on diesel engines. So you will have to take some precautions:

  • 作業が完了する前に圧力を下げてください…
  • 燃料がこぼれるリスクを回避するためのマスキング
  • 作動中のディーゼル エンジン インジェクターには絶対に触れないでください。

Regarding the repair part of your leak, it will very often be restricted to changing the seals that have failed:

  • 漏れの原因を見つける
  • 問題のインジェクターを分解する
  • 対応するシールキットを交換してください
  • アセンブリを再組み立てし、製造元の基準に従ってトルク レンチで締めます。

In all situations, these interventions are not inevitably difficult, but if you have the smallest hesitation in the treatment of your injector that leaks on your Audi R8, we suggest you to get closer to your auto technician to avoid any bad manipulation that could significantly harm the condition of your Audi R8.

Audi R8 のチュートリアルをもっと見たい場合は、Audi R8 カテゴリにアクセスしてください。

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