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Audi R8 が左に引っ張られます。どうすればよいですか?

Driving is a daily activity for many of us, our roads are not necessarily safe, and regardless it’s raining, windy or snowing, we quite often have no choice but to take our Audi R8. Not being able to act on traffic conditions, we try to have at minimum a safe car! If you are not comfortable, if you have the feeling that your Audi R8 is pulling to the left, then you are on the good page. Our team decided to publish this content page to help you find the origin of this problem and as soon as possible feel safe behind the wheel of your car. To achieve this, we will first take a look at the causes of a Audi R8 that pulls to the left without vibration and to conclude, a car that pulls to the left with vibration.

Audi R8 that pulls to the left without vibration

Audi R8 pulling to the left because of the alignment

Let’s commence with the circumstance of your Audi R8 which pulls to the left without vibration, one of the most typical sources of a non-straight trajectory on a car is the alignment , in reality, the parallelism is the adjustment of the vertical angle of the wheels, this adjustment is usually carried out when you change your tires. Although it is tricky or even impossible to know the condition of your alignment, you can check out the sidewalls of your tires, if you notice abnormal wear on your Audi R8, it is likely that the alignment is at fault. In cases like this, go to your service garage or tyre expert to resolve it.


Audi R8 pulling to the left because of the tyres

タイヤといえば、車が左に引っ張られる理由は平行度だけではありません。 実際には、 difference in pressure on your tires, it is rational that your Audi R8 is no longer a stable steering. Therefore make sure to examine the pressure of all four tyres. In addition to the risk of an injury if you encounter your Audi R8 pulling to the left because of the tyre pressure, you will accelerate the wear of the tyres. And consequently, you will have to change them faster.

My Audi R8 is pulling to the left and I encounter vibrations:

Audi R8 pulling to the left because of the silent blocks

Now let’s look at the case of a Audi R8 that pulls to the left but also causes vibrations in the steering wheel. 軌道エラーと振動の最初の基本的なトリガーは、サイレントブロックが死んでいることです. In reality, when they are too damaged, they no longer manage their job of shock absorber and binder between the different elements of your front drivetrain, which will cause a lack of stability in the steering and the possibility if they are more worn on one side than the other that your Audi R8 pulls to the left. Verify their condition and change them if needed. If you want more info on trouble with the silent blocks, please examine our detailed content page.

My Audi R8 pulls to the left due to the bearings

別の可能性 your Audi R8 pulls to the left is that one of your bearings, usually the front one, is dead, you should, furthermore to the trajectory defect, experience a particular vibration or rolling noise. In reality, when bearings are damaged, they will no longer rotate as well and slow down the rotation of the wheel on which they are installed, which automatically will cause a trajectory defect. Verify their condition and have them replaced if necessary.

アウディ R8 のエアコンをオンにする方法は?

My Audi R8 pulls to the left due to the shock absorbers

最後になりましたが、あなたの Audi R8 that pulls to the left and creates vibrations due to the shock absorbers. Whether it’s the damper cup, your tired springs, or a twisted cylinder, every defect linked to the shock absorbers can affect the common behaviour of the Audi R8. You should, even so, feel a noise when you drive over bumps or on speed bumps, for example. Have the condition of your shock absorbers checked and ask your auto technician for a replacement if necessary.

Audi R8 のチュートリアルをもっと見たい場合は、Audi R8 カテゴリにアクセスしてください。

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