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BMW X1 が過熱する原因は何ですか?

One of the most irritating concerns that can show up on a BMW X1 is to watch its temperature gauge rising. In fact, a gauge that rises above 90/100° is usually an indicator that your BMW X1 is heating up. If you are in this case, you have done well to check out this web page link because we will help you to locate the origin and understand the induce. To do this, first of all, we will take a look at the causes for engine overheating and the risks you run, and next, what answers are available to you to eliminate this phenomenon.

Why is my BMW X1 overheating? What are the risks?

A BMW X1 that heats up is a sign of a serious trouble. You should not think that you will handle it in the future because, if you do, you risk irreversibly damaging the engine of your car. In fact, if your BMW X1 heats up, and you keep driving, you simply risk the breakage of your car engine. An internal combustion engine works through combustion, which causes heat. This heat must be regulated because it can harm the engine parts. If you see white smoke starting to come out of your engine and you feel a loss of power, your BMW X1 is heating up and you are damaging your engine, you must stop.

What are the causes of an heating up BMW X1 ?

  • 冷却システムの漏れ

    If you repeatedly run out of coolant and refill your system on a regular basis, you could have a leak, so have your system inspected for leaks. It is also possible that it is your cylinder head gasket that is faulty, in which particular case you should see “mayonnaise” in the area of your engine oil cap.

  • 死んだカロスタット

    The task of this part is to switch on the engine cooling only when the engine is at optimum temperature, if it is damaged, the coolant will never reach the engine and your BMW X1 will heat up. Check its state.

  • ブロックされたラジエーター

    Even though this situation is less common, if your radiator is very dirty, or clogged with impure substances, its cooling fins will no longer complete their job and on hot days your BMW X1 could overheat.

  • 動かなくなった扇風機

    Be sure you examine the state and performance of your fan, in addition to the air produced by the speed of your BMW X1, it has a decisive purpose in cooling your engine when it has to be the relay when you drive slower. In case of a breakdown and travelling at low speed, your car will unavoidably heat up.

  • 損傷したウォーターポンプ

    To conclude, it is possible that your water pump is at the end of its life. In fact, its task is to circulate the coolant throughout the circuit, in case there is troubles this action stops and your BMW X1 heats up. This could be caused by a faulty belt that has harmed your pump. If this is your case, go to your mechanic.

How can I resolve the trouble of an heating up BMW X1?

In addition to having inspected all the auto parts that may be causing your BMW X1 to heat up, you will have to make the right moves to limit the risks in case your car gets hot and you have no other solution than to go home, or to go to your repair shop.

ここにあります 車が過熱している場合のヒント:

  • エンジン速度を下げますが、速度は下げません:

    Reducing your engine speed will allow you to limit the heat released by the engine. In contrast, try to stay in 5th gear at 70/80 km/h in order to have a large natural airflow to limit the heating of your BMW X1.

  • Stop the engine of your BMW X1 if you go above 100°:


  • ヒーターをオンにします。

    Turning on the heater will allow you to evacuate some of the heat from the engine block, it is an useful solution. And conversely, turn off your air conditioner which generates heat.

BMW X1 に関するその他のガイドが必要な場合は、BMW X1 カテゴリにアクセスしてください。

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