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BMW X1 のジャックはどこにありますか?

In this article, we are going to treat a theme that can be of use to everyone. Whether it’s because you have a flat tire, or you want to change your brake pads, knowing where the jack is on a BMW X1 is essential. Obviously, without the jack, you won’t be able to lift your car and consequently change a wheel, or, access the components behind it such as the brake pads for example. To achieve this, we will first show you the different kind of jacks, then, where the jack is on an BMW X1, and finally, how to use the jack on your car.

What are the different types of jacks for BMW X1?

So we start our article with the different kind of jacks that exist. Obviously, nevertheless generally speaking most BMW X1 will be equipped with the same sort of jack, there are still different styles with different uses, here they are:

  • The single-arm screw jack for BMW X1 : The first type of jack, the most classic and cheapest of all, is generally identified on entry-level models, or with few options. This sort of jack has only one articulated arm that is situated under the motor vehicle to lift it. This sort of jack is light, easy to use, but does not enable you to lift large loads.
  • The double-arm screw jack for BMW X1 : It uses precisely the same principle as the jack seen above, that is, a worm screw that will enable screwing to raise the jack, and unscrewing to lower it, however the use of a double arm will enable to have a more stable jack that can lift a higher payload.
  • The hydraulic jack for BMW X1 : This sort of jack is not standard equipment on vehicles, and is usually only provided with a premium model or bought in motor vehicle centres. These jacks are heavier, generally less bulky and have the advantage of being much less difficult to use and able to lift a larger load. It would cost between 20 and 50 euros to buy them, here is a simple and efficient model from Oscaro.
BMW X1 のウィンドウが動かなくなってしまいました。どうすればよいですか?


Where is the jack on BMW X1?

この記事にたどり着いた部分を始めましょう。 where is the jack on a BMW X1? It may seem simple, but depending on the motor vehicle produce and model the location of the jack is not the same. Take note that most BMW X1 vehicles are supplied with a jack, if they are not you will have to find a puncture-proof spray or a compressor instead. Whether you have just bought your BMW X1 or have been loaned one, or are renting it, you may not have this info. We are going to give you the different locations of the jack on your motor vehicle, these locations may change depending on the year and the finish of your BMW X1:

  • The most general position for a jack is in the trunk of your BMW X1. それに到達するには、トランクのカーペットを持ち上げるだけで、トランクとスペアタイヤが見つかるはずです.
  • 後輪アーチ: 似ていますがあまり伝統的ではない位置ですが、ジャッキはトランクにある場合がありますが、トランクの側面にあるため、トランクの右側のコンポーネントのハッチを開くだけで到達できます。
  • Last possible location for the jack on your BMW X1 is under your motor vehicle. スペア タイヤがまだある場合は、トランクの下に配置します。通常、ナットを緩めて、スペア タイヤとスペア タイヤを外す必要があります。

How to use the jack on a BMW X1?

Finally, we will quickly show you how to use the jack on your BMW X1. Whether it is to change your wheel or to change the brake pads of your BMW X1, the process remains the same. This process may seem complex, but you only need to follow a few recommendations to use your jack safely:

  • Before lifting your BMW X1, remember to engage the handbrake as well as a gear to lock your wheels.
  • 車両を持ち上げる前に、作業するホイールのホイール ナットを緩めます。そうしないと、トランスミッションが損傷する危険があります。
  • ジャッキ (約 20 cm) を持ち上げて、自動車の下のアンダーボディの高さに合わせます。通常、適切な位置にジャッキを配置するためのノッチを見つけます。
  • Raise your BMW X1, don’t bother doing it much, if your tire comes off three inches off the ground that’s enough.
BMW X1 のトランクが動かなくなってしまいました。どうすればよいですか?

BMW X1 に関するその他のヒントについては、BMW X1 のカテゴリをご覧ください。

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