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インジェクションの問題 BMW X3、どうする?

Having a issue with your motor vehicle is basic, because sadly recent automobiles are more and more difficult and consequently exposed to more and more possible breakdowns. On this page we’re going to try to help you to resolve an injection problem on your BMW X3 . This is a issue that is especially irritating because it can eventually bring your car to non starting or damaged engine. To get this done, first we will discover how injection functions, then, BMW X3インジェクターに存在する可能性のあるさまざまな問題は何ですか 、そして最後に、それらを解決する方法。

What is the goal of the injection of a BMW X3?

So we begin our content page by quickly explaining how an injection system functions so that you have all the info you need to understand the failure connected with it. < br>

世界 injection system of a BMW X3 manages the fuel intake into the engine , it replaces the old carburettors. It has the advantage to be a lot more precise and to come, under pressure, to discharge the fuel in the engine. The injection pump takes care of pressurizing the fuel and transferring it to the injectors, and the injectors will release the fuel in the form of micro-drops into the cylinders of your BMW X3. The advantage of fuel injection is to have a much more precise dosage than a carburettor and to allow a better air/fuel mixture and consequently a better combustion.

BMW X3 のインジェクション コンプリケーションの違いは何ですか?

この XNUMX 番目のコンポーネントでは、 the different injection complications and their signs of illness that you may possibly face on your BMW X3 .

インジェクション ポンプ コンプリケーション BMW X3

To begin, we will discover the injection pump complications on your BMW X3, there are not many of them, they are generally persistent but we will detail them down below:

  • Electronic issue of the high pressure pump: If you have an electronic issue, the pressure in your injection system might be too high or too low which will trigger a bad air/fuel mixture and consequently a bad combustion and thus alter the behavior of the engine of your BMW X3.
  • Leakage from the injection pump of your BMW X3: If you have a major leakage problem, the result will be much the same as if you have a lack of pressure, you will not have enough pressure and consequently the combustion of your fuel will not be good
ABS ライトが BMW X3 に点灯したままです。どうすればよいですか? - Авто Выкуп


また、 outcomes and signs of illness of a fuel pump issue on a BMW X3 、あなたは確かに経験するでしょう、パワー不足、エンジンのかすれ、黒煙の排出…

インジェクター コンプリケーション BMW X3

次に進みます BMW X3のインジェクターの問題 . インジェクターは注射システムの終わりを表します。ここでは、発生する可能性のあるさまざまな合併症を示します。

  • Dirty BMW X3 injectors: This can happen due to poor fuel quality, they will let less fuel through or more if they are totally clogged. So you will probably have one or more cylinders that are not working properly.
  • Leaky BMW X3 injector: It’s generally at the high pressure seals that an injector can leak, it can also, more rarely, be cracked or broken.
  • Injector BMW X3 HS: This is the circumstance when your injectors are totally clogged or when you have an electronic problem, it will not let anything go.

また、 BMW X3 のインジェクター合併症の症状 it is about the same as for a defective injection pump. You may possibly encounter problems with starting, throttle response, power loss, and smoke emission.

How to get rid of an injection issue on a BMW X3?

To finish our article on the BMW X3 のインジェクション コンプリケーション 、これらの合併症を解決するために存在するソリューションを提供しようとします。

If after a precise diagnosis it’s your injection pump that is the reason of your complications, it will sadly be very complicated to intervene on the problem without changing the component, this change generally goes with the replacement of the injectors, and in some cases the tank, it will take between 2000および3000ユーロ 全体として、修理を開始する前に、いくつかの診断と見積もりを取得してください。


  • Dirty injector: You can clean the injectors of your BMW X3, do not hesitate to consult our content page on this subject to get the procedure. If it doesn’t work, you will have to replace them.
  • Leaky injector: The replace and the purchase of a joint kit will only cost you a few tens of euros, but you still need to be able to replace it, do not think twice to consult our content page on the injectors that leak on BMW X3, to have all the solutions available to you.
  • インジェクター HS: 最後に、最後の救済策として、インジェクターが損傷しているか、機能しなくなっています。 インジェクターの交換には約500ユーロかかります 工賃込み。
ウインカーの問題 BMW X3、どうする?

BMW X3 についてさらにご質問がある場合は、お気軽に BMW X3 カテゴリーにお問い合わせください。

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