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BMW X4 のエアコンをオンにする方法は?

It’s almost certainly hot outside, you’ve just bought a new motor vehicle and you desire to use one of the most useful capabilities of your BMW X4, air conditioning!

On most motor vehicles, switching on the air conditioning is not a difficult thing to do, but today we’re going to check out this action, which, although simple, can be a bit triky for novices. So we will see BMW X4でエアコンをオンにする方法は? First, we will see how it works, then how to turn on the air conditioning on your BMW X4 and finally we will give you some recommendations on how to use it.

BMW X4 のエアコンはどのように機能しますか?

The air conditioning of your BMW X4 functions in a very identical way to that of your family fridge, actually, it works with a コンプレッサーと冷媒ガスシステム which, according to its state (liquid or gas) will release cold. This system functions in a closed circuit. Here are the main parts that will be sure that the air conditioning of your BMW X4 functions correctly:

  • コンプレッサー: 空調ユニットの主要な要素であり、回路内の圧力を制御し、回路内の流体の循環を管理します。
  • コンデンサー: this small coil has as main goal, like a radiator, to allow the gas to reduce in temperature and return to a liquid state (55 degrees).
  • 送風機と蒸発器: The heating blower will subject the pressurized liquid to a high temperature which will make it turn straight to gas and during this changeover will generate cold which will be sent into the passenger compartment by the evaporator.

In practice, this unit functions in a closed circuit, and by causing variations in temperature and pressure, the refrigerant gas will be allowed to modify state, causing the production of heat or cold. You now あなたの BMW X4 のエアコンがどのように機能するかを知ってください。

BMW X4 からバンパーを取り外す方法は?

BMW X4 のエアコンはどのようにオンにしますか?

それでは、最も興味のあるセクションに進みましょう。 how to switch on the air conditioning on BMW X4? Although this task is not so difficult for most of you, it would be a pity not to take full advantage of it because you don’t know how to turn it on.

BMW X4でエアコンを手動でオンにします

There are two sort of air conditioning on BMW X4, the manual air conditioning and the automatic air conditioning, we will begin with the most widespread of the two, the manual air conditioning, this type of the air conditioning on BMW X4 is what we could call the cheap one. In reality, it won’t give you access to a lot of configurations, but you’ll already have the opportunity to cool the air inside your car. You can simply choose the ventilation strength and the temperature of the air your system blows. To turn on the air conditioning of your BMW X4, you will need to turn on the A/C button of your BMW X4, then set the ventilation and temperature of your BMW X4.

BMW X4 でオートエアコンをオンにする

最後に、私たちは見つけます BMW X4でオートエアコンをオンにする方法. Although the technique is very close to manual air conditioning, there are some additional options that will allow you enjoy refreshing air with even more convenience. Unlike manual air conditioning, automatic air conditioning permits you to choose the temperature you desire to have in the cabin and the system will self-regulate to reach it. Moreover to the automatic climate control, you in many cases have the option of using the “Bi-Zone” feature, which provides you with the chances of choosing different temperatures according to the zones of your BMW X4. To turn on the automatic air conditioning on your BMW X4, you will only have to turn on the A/C button of your ventilation unit, then choose the temperature you want to reach and let the air conditioning on your BMW X4.

BMW X4 を手動でロックするには?

Some recommendations on how to use the air-conditioning of your BMW X4

To finish , last section of our content page, now that you know how to turn on the air conditioning on your BMW X4, we will give you some practical recommendations to improve the use of your air conditioning and preserve it:

    • When you arrive in your BMW X4 which has been left in the sun, first open your windows while doing so as the air conditioning to evacuate the excess of hot air before closing them again to let your air conditioning function.
    • In the wintertime, you can use your air conditioner to remove the mist from the tiles, thanks to its air dehumidifier, it will be more productive than your heating system.
    • Turn off the air conditioning in your BMW X4 5 minutes before turning off the engine to keep your air conditioning compressor and avoid humidity smells in the passenger compartment. In case you have observed any unpleasant odours caused by the air conditioning in your BMW X4, don’t be reluctant to consult our article content on this subject


  • Switch on the air conditioning of your BMW X4 on a regular basis, even in winter, to maintain it working properly.
  • エアコンの温度を外気温と極端に違う温度に設定しないでください。気分が悪くなる可能性があります。 同様に、気流を顔に向けるのではなく、腕や胸に向けてください。

BMW X4 についてさらに質問がある場合は、遠慮なく BMW X4 カテゴリを参照してください。

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