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BMW Z4の始動方法は?

Contemporary vehicles have a growing number of options and nevertheless they give us a lot of comfort, some of them are not always easy to use. It doesn’t matter if you have rented a car, been lent one, or just bought a Bmw Z4, according to its options, it can be tricky to understand how to start a Bmw Z4? Even if this fundamental act of running a car may seem evident to many of you, depending on the options and the year of production of your car, it will be more or less elementary to do so. In this article we will teach you the different procedures to start a Bmw Z4 with the key, then, in a second step, how to switch on a Bmw Z4 with a card, and to conclude, without using the key.

How to start a Bmw Z4 with key?

だから私たちはあなたを学ぶことを目的とした記事を始めます how to start a Bmw Z4, which is furnished with a classic key start. 行うべきさまざまなガイドラインを以下に示します。 turn on the engine of your Bmw Z4:

  • ニーマンの位置を決定する (hole in which the key is introduced), it is almost always on the right side of your steering wheel, on the dash. If your steering wheel is blocked, do not think twice to read our article on the steering wheel blocked on Bmw Z4 that is blocked to find out how to unblock it.
  • これに鍵を入れます。
  • マニュアル 車の場合はニュートラル、オートマチック トランスミッションの場合は「N」または「P」の位置にあることを確認します。
  • 最初のノッチを通過したと感じるまで、時計回りに XNUMX 分の XNUMX 回転させてイグニッションをオンにします。
  • Verify on your dashboard that the orange lights turn off, if you don’t know what they indicate don’t think twice to read our article on orange lights on Bmw Z4 to discover the explanation for this.
  • You just have to go one more notch clockwise and hold it in the stop until your Bmw Z4 starts (do not let your starter run more than 10 seconds or you risk damaging it, if the car does not start, let it recover a few tens of seconds before a new test)


  • それでおしまい。 あなたが扱った to start your Bmw Z4,
エアコンの悪臭 Bmw Z4 - Авто Выкуп

How to start a Bmw Z4 with the key card?

を知ってから how to turn on the engine of a Bmw Z4 with key or will demonstrate you how to do it for a Bmw Z4 equipped with a key card and not a key. The procedure is still pretty much the same, so don’t think twice to return back to the previous part to have information on each of the steps to do. Learn down below the guidelines to adhere to to start your Bmw Z4 with a card:

  • According to the year and the series, you may or may not need to insert the card in a specific slot, examine on your dashboard if your Bmw Z4 is equipped with this slot or not.
  • カードがある場合は、この穴にカードを挿入するか、カードを機内のどこにでも置いておくことができます。
  • 「開始」ボタンを見つける, which is usually based at steering wheel height close to the classic neiman location, otherwise it is usually located on the centre console.
  • オートマチック トランスミッションでニュートラルまたはニュートラルにいることを確認します。
  • Push the “start” button once to turn on the ignition of your Bmw Z4


  • 数秒後、またはダッシュボードのオレンジ色のライトが消えてからもう一度押す to start your Bmw Z4


How do I start a Bmw Z4 without a key?

結論として、次のことがわかります。 how to start a Bmw Z4 without a key? Let’s imagine that you have lost your keys and your car is open, this might seem obvious. Nevertheless, you should know that if your Bmw Z4 is more modern than the mid 90’s it will be complicated to turn on it without a key because of all the security devices present on it. As expected, this should only be done on YOUR car. Here is the procedure to stick to:

  • ハンドルを保護しているカバーを取り外し、3 つの電気スイッチの中からエンジン/バッテリー/スターターに関係するものを探します (ユーザー マニュアルをご持参ください)。
  • Strip, connect them mutually and isolate the battery and ignition wires (be careful not to electrocute yourself during the procedure). You now have electricity as if you had the contact
  • Finally, strip the starter wire and connect it promptly with the battery wire (do not make prolonged contact and only 1 or 2 seconds should be enough to start your Bmw Z4).
BMW Z4のトランクを内側からどうやって開けますか?

そこで、あなたはすべてのオプションを発見しました start a Bmw Z4.

Bmw Z4 に関するその他のヒントについては、Bmw Z4 カテゴリをご覧ください。

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