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How to remove back seat Bmw Z4 ?

Wanting to fix the small fixes to be made to your vehicle is turning out to be more and more common. In reality, the annual budget allocated to a car is substantial, so seeking to fix it without help looks like a good solution. Whether it’s to access your fuel pump, change your seat, wash a stain, or exceptionally transport bulky items, some of you are thinking about how to remove the back seat on Bmw Z4. We will try in the following paragraphs to give you the different options depending on the year and series of your Bmw Z4.

How to remove the back seat on Bmw Z4 with bolt system

Let’s begin with the first scenario. If you are trying to find a technique to remove the rear seat of your Bmw Z4 which is fixed just by 4 bolts, the process is almost certainly the simplest. In reality, to do so, you just have to unscrew the two nuts at the back of your seat, accessible from your trunk, using a Torx bit. Then unscrew the two nuts at the front of the seat, which are located under the seat at the level of the passenger footwell. This will allow you to completely release it from its fasteners and remove it.

How to remove the back seat Bmw Z4 with clip system

Approach now a little more long to achieve because we tend to be wary of ties that are fixed in force, generally afraid to pull too strongly and destroy one. How do I remove the back seat of my Bmw Z4 that has a clip system? 一般に これらのクリップはシートの下にあります、ベンチのシートを持ち上げると見えます。 これらのクリップは、多くの場合、プラスチック部分とそれにクリップする金属鉄で構成されています。それらを外すには、ドライバーでプラスチック部分を押して金属部分を引っ張る必要があります. 一部のシリーズでは、このプロセスが機能しない場合、通常は引っ張るだけで解放できます。

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How to remove the rear seat Bmw Z4 with folding system with bolts only at the front

Finally, the last process to take off the rear seat of your Bmw Z4, some years have a folding seat that is not fixed on the rear part, in this instance, it is the easiest solution you can have to realize. You will just need to シートを前方に傾けると、シートを車両のシャーシに固定しているトルクス ナットにアクセスできます。 Once these nuts are unscrewed, you should be able to remove the rear seat of your Bmw Z4.

That’s it, now you should have all the information you need to remove the rear seat of your motor vehicle serenely. If you are trying to dismantle other parts like the bumper of your Bmw Z4, we have also made some tutorials to help you in these quests.

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