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アキュラ ILX のタイミングベルト交換時期は?

Buying a car is a big budget for most of us, however, to this one you will have to add the maintenance of your car, and for some maintenance works the bill can be quite high. It is so obvious to ask yourself when is the most fortunate time to execute these repairs and not do them “for nothing”. On this page we are going to explain to you when to replace the timing belt on your Acura ILX? For that, to begin with, we are going to discover why it is important to achieve this act of maintenance, then, when to do the timing belt of your Acura ILX , then, we are going to fairly quickly demonstrate to you how this change is done, and, at last, how much it costs to do the timing belt of a Acura ILX.

Why do we need to replace the timing belt of an Acura ILX?

As we told you in introduction, changing a timing belt on a Acura ILX represents a considerable budget, so we understand that you are cautious to do it and to allow you to understand the value of this repair, so we will fairly quickly explain why it is so important to do it on time.

Your Acura ILX’s timing belt objective

The timing of a Acura ILX has an essential function in the smooth running of your engine. Obviously, it will have the mission to バルブとピストンを同期させ、カムシャフト、ウォーターポンプ、クランクシャフト、インジェクションポンプをリンクさせます . これにより、エンジンが適切に機能し、エンジン破損のリスクを回避できます。 車の走行距離が短いほど、エンジン始動時にベルトが要求されます。


The problem with the timing of a Acura ILX is that it is internal to the engine. And therefore, contrary to an accessory belt, it is impossible to visually check its state. So you might believe that this belt is just an insignificant part, but the risks you take if you don’t replace it in time are big. If the timing of your Acura ILX breaks, you will most definitely have to replace the engine of this one. Obviously, the pistons will hit the valves and destroy them, and the camshaft will also break. The faster the engine is running at the moment of the breakage, the more serious the results are. It is therefore タイミングベルトを時間通りに作るための基本 .

Why does my Acura ILX smell burnt plastic ?

When to do the timing belt of its Acura ILX?

私たちは今、皆さんが自問しなければならない質問に答えます。 when to make the timing belt of a Acura ILX? It is necessary to know that each engine unit is different and as we explained above, we must not miss on the replacement of this part. The more we advance in time the more the manufacturers improve the timing belt and normally the more recent your Acura ILX will be the less you will have to worry about your belt. Nevertheless, look at your Acura ILX’s service book to get the exact life and maximum mileage you can achieve before you do the timing . 通常、タイミングベルトには 寿命5年~10年、走行距離80万~000万km .

How to replace the timing belt of an Acura ILX?

As the timing belt of a Acura ILX represents a high budget, one can logically question if it is not possible to replace it oneself. Sadly it is very hard to access and just the most experienced amateur mechanics and the most equipped with tools will be able to consider this process, we will nevertheless fairly quickly describe the different steps to be executed to change this timing belt:

  • Place the Acura ILX on stands, and based on your engine you may possibly have to remove a wheel. Remove the timing gearboxes


  • To do this, you must buy the timing kit so that all the engine elements remain in the right position, in any other case your engine will break. Remove the other components that bother you (damper pulley for example).
  • テンションローラーを緩めた後、古いディストリビューションを取り外します。 新しいものを配置する前に、すべてのテンション ローラーとウォーター ポンプを取り外す必要があります。
  • 新しいウォーターポンプを取り付けます。
  • 新しいテンション ローラーを取り付けます。それぞれの位置に注意してください。
  • Install the new distribution of your Acura ILX by respecting the markers.
  • 製造元の仕様に従って、ベルトを張ります。
  • 残りを元に戻します。
  • エンジンユニットが正常に動作していることを確認します。
アキュラ ILX の燃料は?


そして最後に、私たちはあなたに an idea of the price if you want to change the timing belt of your Acura ILX . ブランドのガレージエリアやFeu Vertのようなカーセンターでそれを行う場合、価格はかなり変動する可能性があることに注意してください. 400および900ユーロ 、それを行う場所とエンジンに基づいています。 キットにはベルト、アイドラー、ウォーターポンプが含まれています。

Acura ILX に関するその他のヒントについては、Acura ILX のカテゴリをご覧ください。

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