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Key stuck in ignition of Audi R8, what to do ?

We continue our series of web content on what can get stuck on your car. After seeing why your fuel flap or hood could get stuck, in this article we’ll check out why the key is stuck in your Audi R8 ignition . Specially irritating, having a stuck ignition cylinder will prevent you from starting and therefore from using your car. We will therefore do everything we can to help you solve this issue as soon as possible. To get this done, first, we will describe to you what the ignition of your motor vehicle is used for, then in a second time, why the ignition barrel of your Audi R8 is stuck? And, to finish, how to unblock the key stuck in your Audi R8 ignition.

What’s the goal of my Audi R8’s ignition lock?

世界 ignition lock of your Audi R8 is a security element. Its aim is to secure your car from theft tries. It is positioned on the steering column of your car, created in 1931 by Abram Neiman. Its aim is to prevent your Audi R8 from starting by blocking the steering and the steering lock if it does not identify your car key. It is closely connected to the starter switch which will incorporate the key lock and an electric switch. There is a tendency to confuse the starter switch and the neiman, and when we talk about blocked neiman we often refer to a key that does not turn or does not turn well in the cylinder of the lock of your car.

Audi R8 の自動ロックを有効にする方法は?

Why is the key stuck in your Audi R8 ignition?

今、あなたに説明する時が来ました why the key is stuck in your Audi R8 ignition cylinder . Now that we’ve explained what the ignition is, it’s time to identify why it’s stuck. If it is the steering wheel of your Audi R8 that is blocked, do not think twice to seek advice from our article on this subject matter. A neiman is not a wearing part that you change frequently but time has an influence on it and it can occur that you have to change it due to normal wear and tear. Here are the different reasons of a ignition that locks on Audi R8 :

  • Regular wear and tear on the ignition barrel of your Audi R8 : As we stated over, over time, the elements of the neiman can become seized up, or become loaded with dust or small particles from the outside that will prevent it from functioning effectively. In this case, you should experience struggle inserting and turning the key before it locks totally.
  • A component of the ignition of your Audi R8 that breaks down: In the same logic, an element of the neiman can fail. As we described in introduction, when we speak about the neiman we often include, the cylinder, the lock and the starter switch, if one of these parts is defective, the neiman will not let the key turn in the cylinder of the lock
  • Someone forced too much on the ignition barrel of your Audi R8: At last, last opportunity, and it’s more or less logical, if someone forced too much on the neiman in unlocking the steering wheel of your car before, he may have twisted internal elements and thus damaged the neiman of it.
アウディ R8 のサービス ライトをオフにする方法

How do I unlock the key stuck in my Audi R8 ignition barrel?

次に、修正のために利用可能なソリューションに進みます a key stuck in your Audi R8 ignition . Depending to the source of your issue the solutions will not be the same, locate them below:

  • キーのねじれにより、イグニッション バレルがブロックされました。 キーがねじれている場合、neiman がブロックを解除しないのは当然です。 木槌で慎重にキーをまっすぐにしてみてください。それができない場合は、キーの複製を使用してください。
  • Ignition cylinder If the neiman of your Audi R8 is clogged due to impurities : Use a WD40 type degreaser and let it work for a few minutes, it should unblock the neiman of your Audi R8.


  • 要素の欠陥により、キーがイグニッションに詰まっている場合: If finally it is due to an internal element that your ignition lock is no longer unblocked you will unfortunately have to change the whole block (electronic switch, lock cylinder, neiman), we advise you to go to a specialist who will also have to give you a new key to begin your Audi R8.


Audi R8 についてさらにご質問がある場合は、お気軽に Audi R8 カテゴリーにお問い合わせください。

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