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アウディ Rs4 のサービス ライトをオフにする方法

Paying attention to your automobile is necessary in these modern times, obviously, if you do not do the minimum routine service of it, or if you do not give some thought to signals of abnormality, you highly risk to find out your car becoming unpleasant to use. This is precisely the topic we are going to discuss today, one of the indications that most bother motorists is the oil replace meter, how to turn off service light on its Audi Rs4? To get this done, firstly, we will find out what this meter points, then in a second step, the procedure to stick to to perform a reset of the service indicator on Audi Rs4? .

Benefit and operation of the service light Audi Rs4:

ガイドブックを始めましょう explanation of the service light on the dashboard of your Audi Rs4 .

What’s the indicator service light on the Audi Rs4 means?

Let’s start our content page with the interest of the service light on your Audi Rs4. The intent of this meter is to warn you to the need to perform the routine service of your Audi Rs4, i. e. the oil replace. Depending on the sort of engine unit of your car and the oil used, you will have to do this every 15, 000 / 20, 000 / 30, 000 km… This variable will be decided by the manufacturer. You will generally be able to recognize this warning light because it is materialized ダッシュボードのフラットキーの形で which is displayed when you turn on your Audi Rs4. This counter is as well often known as the service light on Audi Rs4 .

Why reset the service light to zero on Audi Rs4?


ガレージでオイル交換を行うと、このライトがリセットされて、次のオイル交換が必要なときにアラートが表示され、 service light comes on when you arrive at the time to do the maintenance of your Audi Rs4 . On the other hand, regardless if you do your own oil replace, you will have to reset this counter for the same factors. Last possibility, you do your own oil change and you wish to resell your Audi Rs4, it is better for the future buyer to be sure that you have conducted the routine service of the automobile . Do not hesitate to seek advice from our content page on which oil to choose to perform its oil change on Audi Rs4.

点灯したままのオイルランプ Audi Rs4

How to turn off the service light on Audi Rs4?

では、このコンテンツ ページでおそらく最も熱心な部分に進みましょう。 how to turn off the service light on Audi Rs4? 車の年式と車のオプションに基づいていくつかの方法があります。 車のサービスインジケーターをリセットする主な方法 .

走行距離計のボタンでサービス ライトをオフにします。

最初の解決策、試すことができます car off by pressing the odometer button on your Audi Rs4, then turn on the ignition and let the button be pressed for 10 seconds. You will only need to turn the ignition off and start the vehicle to check if this procedure is compatible with your Audi Rs4.

ターン アラート comodo でサービス ライトをオフにします。

XNUMX番目の可能性、あなたはできるでしょう turn off the service light of your Audi Rs4 thanks to the flashing comodo of this one . エンジンユニットをオフにし、イグニッションをオンにして、ダッシュボードにオイルの滴が付いたタンクが表示されるまでコモドの上部にあるボタンを押し、インジケーターライトが消えるまで押し続けるだけで十分です。

turn off the service light on Audi Rs4 using an OBD diagnostic tool:


すべてのモデルで機能するアプローチですが、診断ツールが必要です。 あなたはできる thanks to the diagnostic plug of your Audi Rs4, reset the drain indicator by acting on its computer . You will need an OBD tool, which will cost you between 10 and 50 euros, you can discover how to use it in our content page Audi Rs4how to read a fault code on Audi Rs4.

Turn off the service light using the service manual of your Audi Rs4:

Finally, it might seem logical, but you will find the exact procedure for your car model in the car service manual. If non-e of our techniques work, please have a look.

Audi Rs4 のチュートリアルをもっと見たい場合は、Audi Rs4 カテゴリにアクセスしてください。

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